July 2019 development update

Hi, everyone! We appreciate that it's been a little while since our last post. Today, we're rolling out a new blog post along with a new fan art showcase and an updated media page. More on that in a little bit! First, an update from the team.

Since our last blog post, we've been hard at work on all aspects of the game - design, content, and improvements to our core technology. As we wrote back in May, the response to the announcement trailer (which has now hit 50 million views!) has opened doors and allowed us to explore opportunities that we couldn't have imagined prior to the announcement, from expanding the team to exploring potential partnerships.

We're lucky to have these opportunities, because they allow us to invest more time in the development of Hytale, improve our development practices, and work towards reaching the high standards that our community has set for us. We'd like to say thank you to our community once again - your excitement, creativity and patience are all super important to us.

So what's coming next? First off, we're aiming to create new blog posts every few weeks letting you know about some of the work that's currently being done on the game. However, choosing what to show is a fine balancing act - we don't want to spoil too much, and we also want to make sure that designs for important features like combat and PvP have reached the high standard we set for them before we show them off in detail.

In the meantime, we're going to continue to publish fun clips and smaller reveals through the official Hytale Twitter feed. Like this wild boar, seen here living his best life.

A note to content creators

We're very grateful to all of the content creators who have continued to produce videos, articles, posts and fan art about our game. We hope that today's Outlander reveals give you plenty of food for thought! We noticed that we got a very positive response from the community when we started including links to our screenshot and video assets at the end of each blog post.

Not only are we going to keep doing that, but we've added a new section to the media page called 'Clips' that collates almost all of the short videos that we've produced for blogs and social media over the last eight months. As well as browsing them like a gallery, you can also use the download links to access source-quality video files. We hope this helps you create great new stuff!

All that we ask is that you continue to stick to the guidelines that we laid out in the Content Creators' FAQ back in December. You have our permission to activate monetization on content that uses Hytale assets as long as it is for the purpose of reaction, analysis, or commentary.

We don't want to place any unfair restrictions on creators - we just need to protect ourselves against malicious use of our intellectual property. The vast majority of the creators in our community do amazing work and we're very happy to continue to support them. If you have any questions about using Hytale material, please feel free to email us at [email protected].